XChat/HexChat identify in Freenode (and other IRC networks)

Hello, if you're here that's because your XChat/HexChat doesn't wait enough for NickServ to identify you before joining all your favourite channels.

There are a couple of tricks to solve this, I'll post here just a few of them.

First way.
There is a variable with which you can control how many seconds you want your irc client to wait before it joins your favourite channels after connect. This is the irc_join_delay variable and you can change it with:
/set irc_join_delay
For example:
/set irc_join_delay 7
7 seconds is, in most cases, enough for the freenode services to ID you.

Second way.
This is the most prefered way among users. It doesn't need you to change the irc_join_delay variable because it identifies you upon connect and not after that. 

You can achieve that by setting your user:password (where user is your account nickname and password is your NickServ ID password) in the Server password: field of your freenode network options.

For example:
Like this:

Third way.
Using SASL. Have a look at:
Connecting with SASL (freenode.net)
Connecting to freenode using Tor: SASL (blog.freenode.net)

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